Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Night In NOLA

It's the last night here and I have really learned a lot, enjoyed myself,  and found an admiration for the city, but will be happy to be going home, it is my home. I have immensely enjoyed working independently on my own project and had great experiences going along with others to observe theirs as well. I have grown in approaching people and photographing them and waiting for "the moment" I am not ancy any longer while I wait but excited and comfortably patient. I captured what I was intending while here for my project.  I wanted to show the importance and large amount of photography in our lives. This idea was inspired by people close to me who didn't respect what I chose to do with my life which is be a photographer as a means to live and do what I love to do. I was not trying to inject or push upon a personal passion of mine to others but to emulate and pay a homage to a medium whose specific characteristics enhance all of our lives everyday in many ways, demanding acknowledgement of respect for that.

These are two photos I took of myself on the fly and two I shot for my project. The one of the young boy and his mother perfectly framing the photograph of Lil Wayne printed onto a T-Shirt in a store window I love. The attitude of body language, the perfect moment of lineal framing and the towns pride in having the dubbed "Best Rapper Alive" being from New Orleans speaks articulately visually. The other was in front of a strip club, the worker flashing my camera and reflecting the doors surrounding images and the other holding the sign over his face because of my camera's presence. Not only does it show the environment of these photographs but I enjoy how the people are reacting to my action of photographing.

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