Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Contacts and 10 Photographs of Mine

I chose to change my story idea because of lack of connections. I have changed perspective to something that I do not need to completely rely on others to execute, so that I can have freedom while shooting and only be responsible for my own performance. I am going to make my book about photographs. Where we choose to place them, our relationships to them, how we use them in multiple ways, what they mean to different individuals. It will be an observance of the purpose, meaning, and importance of the art of photography in life, our appreciation for this mediums existence. It will be in a way a homage to the thing I am passionate about. I am going to photograph environmental portraits of photographs where they already are being used in public and in private spaces. An advertisement in a store window, a framed picture of a child in a family's living room, a poster on a teenagers wall. In these environmental portraits I will include humans to further express our interaction with them. Because of the many spaces in which photographs are placed I looked up and found three public places I will be able to locate and shoot at, surely, and maybe interview people. Many places though I will find, a bus stop, a store window, a random poster in an alley. So these three places are all art galleries.

New Orleans Museum of Art
One Collins Diboll Circle, City Park, New Orleans, LA 70124
It is open 5 days a week Wed. 12-8, and Thurs. through Sun. 10-5

A Gallery (Fine Art Photography Gallery)
241 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70130
Open 10-530 daily and 12-5 On Tues.

Arthur Roger Gallery
432 and 434 Julia Street New Orleans, LA 70130
504-522-1999, I will have to call for the store hours because they were not listed.

These are 10 photographs of mine, with no theme, just 10 photos of mine I like.

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